What: Energy efficient supermarket
Where: Netherlands
Who: Vomar Voordeelmarkt
When: since 2010
Source: Vomar

Sustainable supermarket

The Vomar store in Heerhugowaard is one of the most energy-efficient supermarkets in Europe. Its energy consumption is at least 35% less than that of supermarkets of a similar size. To achieve this, every possible new development has been/is being installed in the store. The result is an ultramodern supermarket that can be described as being entirely energy-efficient. Reusing the residual heat from the supermarket has made it possible to reduce emissions of CO2 by 69 tonnes a year!
You cannot create an ultramodern, energy-efficient supermarket just like that. A large number of measures are required to bring it up to this standard.

1. Thermal recycling:
• Reuse of all the heat released from the refrigeration and freezer systems.
• Excess heat (in summer) is stored underground at a depth of 180 m, and is used in winter to heat the store and the adjacent 72 apartments.
• Excess heat is used to heat tap, bath and kitchen water.

2. Natural refrigerant (CO2):
• Use of natural refrigerant (CO2) in the energy-efficient refrigeration and freezer systems.
• Residual heat can be used much more effectively than in conventional refrigeration systems.

3. LED lighting in freezers and coolers:
• Low energy consumption by using LED lighting in all freezers and coolers.
• LED lighting produces little heat, lasts longer and produces fewer CO2 emissions.

4. Minimising energy loss:
• All freezers and coolers are covered 24 hours a day.
• Loss of cold – and therefore of energy – is kept to a minimum throughout the day.

5. Automatic lighting:
• After the supermarket has closed, when employees are stacking shelves, the lighting is dimmed by 60%.
• The lighting switches on and off automatically.
• Use of energy-efficient TL5 lamps and fixtures.

6. Green electricity:
• 100% green electricity, generated by the wind turbines in the City of the Sun, is used throughout the project.

7. Covered loading and unloading:
• The loading and unloading of goods lorries at the store is carried out under a cover. Among other things, this prevents noise pollution.
• Partly because of this, there is no heat loss as a result of ‘draughts’ (the door to the warehouse does not open until the goods lorry is inside and the overhead door is closed).

8. High heat resistance:
• The store (external walls and floors) has a very high heat resistance that is well in excess of the specifications of the building regulations.

9. Sustainable and green construction:
• The warehouse was constructed underneath a mound, thus producing a more constant and cooler climate in the summer.
• Maximum use was made of sustainable and renewable raw materials (such as wood in the frame construction of all the apartments).

10. Solar energy:
• On the roof there are PV cells (cells that convert sunlight into energy).
• This energy is used in the project, e.g. to supply the apartments and the store with electricity.

11. Environmentally-friendly products:
• In this store, Vomar Voordeelmarkt offers the widest possible range of LED and energy-saving bulbs and other environmentally-friendly consumer products, e.g. cleaning and laundry products.
• Extensive selection of ‘Fair Trade’ products and 125 organic products with the EKO label, such as bread, vegetables, milk, dairy products, meat, beer and wine.
• The assortment of fish meets the requirements of the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) label. In this way, Vomar is doing everything possible in this area.