What: Fresh from the farm
Where: Netherlands
Who: Willem Treep en Drees Peter
When: Since 2009
Source: Willem & Drees

Fresh, sustainable and locally

In 2009, Willem&Drees started with bringing local fruit and vegetables to supermarkets in the region of Amersfoort. Soon after the start they noticed there is a great need for local food. These days we would like to know where our food comes from. And we prefer to eat local, organic and seasonal. However, not everyone has the time to go to the farmer. Ideally, you want to buy local food easily, for example in the supermarket.

In five years Willem&Drees has set up a network of growers throughout the Netherlands. They supply to supermarket chains such as Jumbo, C1000, Spar and Coop. Also catering companies like Sodexo and Eurest use fruit from Willem&Drees.

Willem and Drees is a trademark for regional products; the aim is to sell products in a radius of forty kilometres of the producer. Next to that, Willem and Drees additionally acts from principles like: of the season, from the farmers in the neighbour, better quality, respect for the environment and sustainable relationships.

On the website of Willem&Drees you can get your own box filled with products from farmers in your neighbourhood. Willem&Drees offers a wide range of fruit & vegetables, Butter & Cheese, Milk & Yoghurt, Bread and Meat & Eggs.