What: Small wind turbines
Where: Delft, Netherlands
Who: Eline Mertens-Barkel, Sander Mertens
When: 2013
Source: Windchallenge

Small wind turbines

Windchallenge sells a new generation wind turbine for the built environment. This wind turbine weighs 10 kg, has a rotor diameter of 1.7 meters and was designed for installation on roofs or masts. It will allow companies and private persons to partially meet their own energy requirements. For instance for the lamppost or charging station for e-car, e-scooter or e-bike.

The crux is preventing the wind load. Current wind turbines withstand the wind, but this produces enormous forces on the construction. This wind turbine can rotate the blades to ensure the turbine and the attached construction, is not subjected to such forces. Windchallenge focuses on installation at roof tops, light poles and green houses. With the Windchallenge 1.7 is a visible contribution is made to the local energy needs.

The wind blows throughout the whole year, even during night time and especially during winter. The sun makes less hours during winter. Due to the combination of solar and wind energy, a stable supply can be achieved throughout the year. Thus are wind and solar energy a good couple for local renewable energy generation.

See a interactive movie here.